April 3, 2019

Friends –

We wanted to share the news that we have recently accepted an offer to sell Two Tall Distilling.  While we have learned a tremendous amount over the last three years, and greatly enjoyed getting to know all of you, it became clear at the end of last year that supporting the rapid growth at Two Tall was happening at the expense of time with our families.  We each have young daughters and we promised each other to keep them as our joint priority when we started this venture.  After much discussion this winter, it was obvious this change was needed in order to stay true to that mission.  

Above all, we want to say an extremely heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you – for being so willing to turn down a dead-end country road in search of something new, for telling your friends and family and co-workers about this new little distillery you wandered across and for making the decision to spend your hard-earned dollars with a local business.  You are the reason we were able to breathe life into this crazy idea.

This coming Saturday, April 6, will be our last open weekend in the tasting room.  Bottles will be discounted by $10 each, with an additional 20% off for purchases of 6 bottles or more.  Plus, head home with a free clothing item or glass with every bottle purchase while supplies last. If you cannot make it in the tasting room this weekend but want to reserve a certain quantity of your favorite spirit, please reply back to this email.  The new ownership will not be continuing with the Two Tall recipes, so grab your favorites while you can! We will take email reservations until we hit our current inventory limit and we can arrange for pick-up and payment by April 13th.   

We will be selling off some of our tasting room furniture and equipment, as it will not be needed by the new owners when they build out their space.  Please keep an eye on our Facebook page if you’re interested in that sale. 

Again – thank you for all of your support!

Two Tall Owners
Nick & Amy Hanson
Dave & Stephanie Farnia