About Us

A Two Tall Tale

Once upon a time, two tall guys were assigned to be lab partners in an engineering class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and became friends.  Almost twenty years later, the two tall guys had married two tall gals and created two tall families.  After many years of meeting up for Sunday dinners where the conversation always veered off in the direction of distilling and science and "what if?...", we decided to find out.  

We are a new family-owned and operated craft distillery in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, just outside of Madison.  Our focus is on creating great craft spirits; as engineers by training and profession, we want to apply the engineering mentality to the world of distilling.  Our goal is to look for ways to improve the process, minimize waste, and create better and more consistent flavors and products through maximizing the science applied to each step.  We also want to make our products and our location approachable - meaning, you can come in knowing nothing at all about gin or vodka or any other drink and not feel too intimidated to give something a try.  Please visit our blog or social media sites to stay engaged as we grow.

Co-Owners: Nick & Amy Hanson; Dave & Stephanie Farnia

Tasting Room and Retail Sales - Saturdays 1-5pm