The Tale of Two Tall

Once upon a time, two tall guys were assigned to be lab partners in an engineering class at UW-Madison. Against all odds, they became friends.  Twenty years later, the two tall guys married two tall gals and engineered two tall families.  After many Sunday dinners were derailed by talk of distilling and science and "what if?...", they decided to find out if they could bottle happily ever after.

Spirits Made Clear

We’re engineers by training and trade, and we’ve got a pretty particular way of thinking about distilling. First, we look to improve process, minimize waste, and increase consistency, because we’re all about providing you a better product. We’re also keen to demystify distilling – to make our products, people, and place as approachable as possible. So whether you’re a seasoned sipper or a complete noob, we’ll share sips and stories that’ll make spirits clear.

Your Hosts -  Nick + Amy Hanson; Dave + Stephanie Farnia; Chris Staples