Finally - we're open for business!

We have been quiet on the site lately but working like mad offline in order to be ready for what we're about to say - we are officially open!  Thank you to all of the friends and family members that have helped us test some of our processes and get ready for more visitors.

While we do not yet have the staff to have standard hours every week, we will be open a few times each month for tastings and bottle purchases.  We will announce a few months' worth of dates at a time so you can plan to stop in and shop or have a taste of the latest round of experimentation. (And yes, we realize it's Fall in Wisconsin - if the Badgers or Packers are playing, the game will be on!) 

  • Sunday, October 15, 12 – 3PM
  • Saturday, November 4, 1 – 5PM
  • Sunday, November 5, 12 – 3PM
  • Saturday, November 11, 1 – 5PM
  • Saturday, November 18, 1-5PM
  • Sunday, December 3, 12 – 3PM

We will have bottles available for purchase, along with some of our favorite mixers and snacks. Tastings will be available until 30 minutes before closing.

For those of you that love a bargain, we will usually have a limited selection of experimental bottles - new recipes we want feedback on or batches that taste great but are different from what we were trying to produce in a particular run.  These will vary and we'll be sure to mark them with information on the flavor profile, but feel free to ask.  

We have some additional limited availability for private tours and tastings, particularly on Thursday and Friday evenings.  Please send us an email if you are interested in bringing a group in. 

Thank you to all of you for your on-going support as we have been moving through all the stages of making this happen.  See you soon!