Sharing Ideas

One of the best parts of working to create Two Tall Distilling has been meeting others who are passionate about the craft spirits business. We have met some amazing people, from fellow distillers to bottlers to government officials, that have helped us find our way. They have given their time and shared knowledge even when at first glance, it would offer no advantage for them.

Dave and I are big on using our engineering backgrounds and science to solve problems and answer questions. I have a hypothesis about why everyone has been so open and helpful, they see more craft distillers entering the market not primarily as competition but as marketing for all craft spirits...but only if it is done well. So thank you to everyone that has helped us on our way so far and we'll do our best to represent the craft spirits market with great service, quality products and continued innovation.

Good article on the opportunity for the expansion of craft distilleries. 

Gas Chromatograph

We got one. What the heck is it? How will we use it? Basically, it's a machine that evaporates a liquid to determine the chemicals that constitute the solution.  The distiller can then tell what recipes and processes are producing more or less of the desirable compounds through experimentation. Very cool stuff.

Check out the article at the end of the post to find out more about how a gas chromatograph can be a distiller's best friend.