Science of Distillation Series: Gin 101
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Science of Distillation Series: Gin 101

Class Date: April 15, 2018, 12-3pm

Class Cost: $200, including 3 bottles of personalized gin* 

3 hours of gin-focused infotainment that will appeal to both the gin novice and aficionado.  This class will deep-dive into the gin-making process and give you a chance to make your own personalized botanical recipe.

The game plan: 

- Overview of the gin distillation process

- Detailed discussion and tasting of the botanicals typically found in gin

- Tasting session of several gins to develop an understanding of the flavor profiles

- Create your own personal gin recipe!  Choose the botanicals and measure out the amounts to add to our base spirit.

- Tasting of the gin as it comes off the still - heads, hearts and tails  

*Your recipe will be made into 3 bottles of gin to be picked up in mid-May, after resting and bottling. 

Sign up below if you want to register for the class - or reserve a spot for someone else.  We can mail you a certificate if you want to gift the class for a special event. 

Questions? Email Nick - 

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Distillation and Extraction Training Sessions w/ Odin from iStill
to Dec 15

Distillation and Extraction Training Sessions w/ Odin from iStill

We are very excited to be hosting Odin, owner of iStill, at Two Tall Distilling in Madison on December 14 & 15.   Odin will walk attendees through the basics of distillation, along with hands-on demonstrations on the iStill 100L and 500L stills, followed by a separate day with a focus on using the new iStill Extractor.  You will head home with enhanced knowledge of distilling and the iStill equipment, along with recipes and contacts for future use.  

Note: This is meant to be an introductory set of courses for distilling enthusiasts and people interested in potentially purchasing iStill equipment in the future.  The extraction course will also be useful for chefs and individuals wanting to pursue non-alcoholic beverages and products needing extracted flavors.  If you are interested in the week-long certification course, please visit the iStill website. 

Ready to sign up?  Add the training sessions you want to your cart below and check out. This class is sold out. If you would like to be put on a wait list for our 2018 classes, please sign up here.

Need more information? Use the form and we'll be in touch.  

Distillation Training: December 14

Learn the basics of distilling with Odin from iStill, including hands-on time with the stills.  9AM-4PM.  Lunch included. 

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Extraction Training: December 15

Learn how to use the new iStill Extractor column to get amazing flavors for spirits, soups, beverages and other products with Odin from iStill.  9AM-4PM. Lunch included.

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