"Where can we buy your drinks??" is a phrase we love to hear and - due to a new partnership with Pequod Distribution - the list is quickly growing.  We will attempt to keep this list updated, but please let us know if you've seen our products on the shelves somewhere else.  Please ask for it where you can't currently find it - or ask a current vendor to add one of the products you're looking for - and we’ll gladly fill the order. 

"Can you ship?" We’re working on setting up distribution for shipping.  Stay tuned!

Available through distribution: 

  • Hard-Pressed Coffee Liqueur

  • London Dry Gin

  • Barrel Gin

  • Whisky - various small batch special editions

  • Key = C (coffee), G (LD Gin), BG (Barrel Gin), W (Whisky)


Restaurants and Bars:


Retail Sales Locations:


Currently available only in the tasting room:

  • Chokeberry Gin: Our London Dry gin infused with an extraction from organic aronia (chokeberries) from Carandale Fruit Farm in Oregon, Wisconsin

  • Vodka: Always available for those who make the trek to the tasting room. 50% corn, 40% malted barley, 10% rye for a deliciously smooth, not-so-neutral sipping vodka.

Can't make it to the tasting room during normal retail hours? Send us an email to arrange a time to stop by.